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Keiretsu Forum Canada was established in 2012 and has since grown to four chapters (London, Waterloo, York Region and Toronto). Keiretsu Forum brings together its investor members with the best investment opportunities in emerging companies from around the globe. While we actively support our local Ontario/Canadian entrepreneur community, we also recognize that some of the best investment opportunities come from other geographies. Each month we bring local and globally sourced companies to our forum meetings.




$110m +








Keiretsu Forum Canada provides a unique opportunity for early-stage companies to connect with experienced investor angel groups. Our talented team is comprised of experienced individuals from a variety of backgrounds and have decades of combined experience in the angel investing industry.

About Keiretsu

About Keiretsu

Keiretsu Forum was founded in 2000 by Randy Williams to help investors make better decisions through “mind share” while providing entrepreneurs with value-added resources and access to capital. Keiretsu Forum (K4) Members are successful senior executives, business leaders, and serial entrepreneurs, all with outstanding score cards. The hallmark of Keiretsu Forum is its diverse membership and quality deal flow, as well as its extensive charitable activities. Keiretsu Forum is the fastest growing, largest, and most active angel community in the world. We strive to ensure that the experiences of our members and guests at Forum meetings are appropriate and positive.


Our mission is “Great Association with Quality Deal Flow”.

“Great Association…”
Keiretsu Forum is comprised of serious investors, business leaders, venture capitalists, corporate/institutional investors and serial entrepreneurs. Membership is by invitation only. Keiretsu Forum enjoys synergy and close relationships with venture capital (VC) firms, universities, and investment banking institutions. These relationships facilitate the access to capital, talent, technology and resources needed to build a successful venture.

“…With Quality Deal Flow”
Our quality and diverse deal flow comes from our community of members, venture capitalists, sponsors, incubators and universities. Keiretsu Forum members invest in start-ups that focus on emerging technologies, real estate, life science/healthcare/biotech, but includes any segment with high growth opportunity. Through the meetings, the presenting entrepreneurs have exposure to 100+ potential investors, as well as resources, customers, board members, advisors, referrals, feedback.

Our Network of Chapters

Keiretsu Forum is the largest global investment network with over 60+ chapters and over 3,000 accredited private equity investors, venture capitalists, family offices and corporate/institutional investors. Forum members invest in high-quality, diverse investment opportunities. Each chapter is limited to 150 investor members and our community of chapters enables:

  • Support of our portfolio companies and presenting entrepreneurs with equity and resources in different capital markets

  • Collaborative business and social relationships between chapters

  • Contributions towards the economic growth and job creation of the chapter region

  • Access to quality deal flow for our members throughout our local chapters and our international network

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