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We're thrilled that Canada's First SUV Summit celebrating Start-Up Visa (SUV) companies surpassed all expectations! The overwhelming attendance and demand showcased the immense interest in the Start-Up Visa Program. 

Hosted at the beautiful waterfront venue of the Toronto Region Board of Trade, this year's SUV Summit brought together entrepreneurs, industry experts, investors, and government officials to explore the world of start-up visa initiatives and their significant role in fostering innovation on a global scale.

To top it off, the fantastic cocktail reception added a touch of elegance and relaxation, providing the perfect opportunity for networking and forging meaningful connections. What a way to finish off the day!


A heartfelt thank you to our generous sponsors, whose support made this event possible! We also extend our gratitude to our wonderful panelists for sharing their invaluable insights and expertise, inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Together, we're shaping the future of entrepreneurship and global innovation!

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