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Get the chance to participate with the world's largest investor network!



  • Access to a global community of investors, mentors, and advisors through its membership in the larger Keiretsu Forum network
  • Wide range of perspectives and connections that can help them grow and succeed
  • Rigorous screening process for startups seeking funding, ensuring that only the most promising companies are presented to investors
  • Strong track record of successfully funding and supporting startups, making it a trusted and reliable partner for entrepreneurs looking to take their businesses to the next level


Interested companies complete the online application. Your application will be reviewed by Keiretsu Forum Canada. Upon review, you will be provided a participation agreement that outlines our process in greater detail, as well as the associated fees related to your participation in this process. Upon receipt of your signed participation agreement, we will contact you to schedule a Deal Screening.


Deal screening

Companies who accept the invitation to present at the Deal Screening will give 20-minute presentations (10-min presentation, 10-minute Q&A) to a screening panel of Keiretsu Forum Canada Members. After all presentations have been given, the panel discusses and decides which companies are ready to present in front of the full forum. 

 4 to 5 companies are invited to present at the Keiretsu Forum monthly meeting. In certain cases, the Screening Committee recommends that a company achieve certain milestones or address certain questions before it may go on to present to the Forum.


pitch coaching

Accepted companies will schedule one-on-one coaching with our team preceding the Forum presentations to learn the format familiar to our members, identify red flags and how to respond to them, and revamp your PowerPoint to maximize your impact. Preparation and fine-tuning at this stage is crucial to gaining investment once you begin the forums so let us help you!



The companies that are selected at the Deal Screening present in front of the full Forum. The presentations are 20 minutes long. Keiretsu Forum recommends a 10-minute core presentation followed by a 10-minute Q&A session. After each entrepreneur presents, interested investors fill in an Interest List (Gold Sheet). 



To kick off the due diligence process Keiretsu Forum Canada will host a Deep Dive Session with everyone on the company's Gold Sheet following the investor meeting. With Keiretsu Forum as liaison and facilitator, the presenting company connects with Keiretsu members who indicated interest on their Gold Sheet.


update presentation

At each Full Forum, we will provide a 1-3 minute update on companies that presented one month earlier. These companies are placed on the ‘Gold Sheets’ and any additional interest is shared within 48-72 hours post roadshow.

 In addition, each participating company has the option to come back for a 5-7 min. Live Update in the next 6-months following their initial presentation.

All updates at Keiretsu Forum Canada are free of charge.


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Our Portfolio


Keiretsu Forum Canada is a facilitator and does not participate in the investment decision-making process of its members. Keiretsu Forum Canada members collaborate in the due diligence of the entrepreneur companies which present at our monthly Forums, but make individual investment decisions. We consider a “Portfolio Company” to be a company that has received investment(s) associated with their Keiretsu Forum presentation(s).